Videographer / Video Editor


Visit Orlando | 360 Video Experience

Videographer / Video Editor / Motion Graphics

Created as a part of the massive Orlando Virtual Experience to highlight the vibrant city’s must go to tourist attractions. Created in an interactive virtual reality environment. 

Project Scope: Motion graphics, animation, sound design, video editing. 

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Staff Garden "Grow"

Video Editor / Motion Graphics

I couldn’t be more excited when I was approached to help bring this campaign to life. Having previously worked with the Staff Garden team on other projects, I knew this was going to be a fun & creative challenge. 


Project Scope:  Motion tracking, motion graphics, animated subtitles, 2-3 minute full video, 3-4 social media segments, 2 week turnaround (including approvals and deliverables)


Director / Cinematographer / Editor

I was approached by Champ Moore with a first draft of his Echo script in mid 2020. It was an ambitious project that would require a lot of resources, none of which were readily available to us. We worked on the script for weeks, perfecting every scene and planning every shot and movement. On production day we used our shot list, storyboards and intuition to get everything that we needed-ahead of schedule. 

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Biggest Little City Ports Meetup

Videographer / Video Editor / Motion Graphics

The Reno-Tahoe area is full of passionate creatives who love to collaborate together. An abundance of passionate photographers, models and creatives of all types showed up to this meetup and I was there to capture it all. 

Project Scope: Motion graphics, motion tracking, sound design, highlight video. 

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See It Through

Videographer / Video Editor

This was a passion project created in a total of 3 days. The goal was to inspire anyone feeling overwhelmed by living in Los Angeles, as a new resident at the time I could relate to this feeling. We used the brand “Keep Going” as our spec client and created imagery and a story that fit in line with their message and values (never give up when the going gets tough) I was lucky enough to work with the talented Dave Champ Moore, who both acted and supplied the voice over on this film. 


Project Scope: 1-3 Minute Promo video for Keep Going brand, inspiring imagery, poetic voiceover.

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Videographer / Video Editor

A short nature film created because of my love for the outdoors and this specific hiking trail near Lake Tahoe. Meant to subject you in the beauty and adventure found on this trail.


Project Scope: 1-3 Minute cinematic video, sound design, inspiring imagery.


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XplorIt - Website Call To Action

Motion Graphics Artist / Graphic Designer

Created in a 360 virtual reality environment

This was used as a call to action to drive engagement towards the XplorIt website.