10 Gifts For Filmmakers Under $50

Have a filmmaker in your life but have no idea what to get them or where to begin? Here are 10 gifts you can buy for a filmmaker under $50:



Clapper Board/Slate

A clapperboard is an essential piece of equipment used in filmmaking. It is used to give information about the shot that is going to take place as well as a loud CLAP that is used for syncing audio. Hence the name clapperboard. A very iconic item of the filmmaking industry, there is no doubt that this will put a smile on a filmmaker’s face.





A Microphone

Sound is EXTREMELY important to a good film and is arguably the most important part of filmmaking. There’s a reason some people turn off the sound in a horror movie, it’s because without the sound the moment would not be as impacting. This microphone is a bargain, competing with microphones that are five times the price and still holding its own. The ability to attach straight to the camera, adjust the sensitivity and power it with a single battery are all benefits of using this microphone. With the improvement of sound quality your filmmaker will be on their way to making higher quality films.





Camera Lens Cup

Nothing is greater than drinking your favorite beverage right out of a lens. Years ago I was given a lens cup as a gift and I have used it every single day since. They are extremely fun and I still get a kick out of it every time I use it. Even though it’s not the real deal, it will add a bit of joy to someone’s morning.






The Filmmakers Handbook

Knowledge is power and is one of the best investments a filmmaker can make. You can have the best camera, the best actors and still make a terrible movie. Knowledge of the craft is what helps a filmmaker create a movie worth watching. Often referred to as the bible of  video and film production, The Filmmakers Handbook is an indispensable resource of knowledge used by professors, professionals and novices.





Steadicam Stabilizer

The key to smooth and beautiful videos is a stabilizer. This stabilizer utilizes bearings and counter weights to transform shaky movements into smooth movements. With a little practice, your filmmaker will be up and creating cinematic movements in no time.







Filter Set

Filters add a unique look to footage and are extremely useful when it comes to setting the right exposure. These can be used to alter the color of an image, darken the sky or darken the overall image. This set can be adapted to fit a variety of lenses and includes many filter types.







High Performance SD Card

There is nothing worse than having a slow SD card that hinders your video quality or simply can’t record for extended amounts of time. High quality SD cards are often overlooked by filmmakers but can add so much value to their workflow and production. Storage is always a problem for filmmakers too so even if they have one already a few extra will only help them out.  This card is perfect for consumer cameras and some professional cameras.







LED Light and Batteries

Lighting is the bread and butter to cinematic visuals. Lighting helps add depth to a scene while also drawing the attention of the viewer to a subject. It is often overlooked by beginning filmmakers but is something that should be learned early on. This light is a perfect starter light and is a great value for the price. Included is a hot shoe adapter and four colored filters -white/blue/pink/orange. Both the light and batteries can be purchased for under $50.







Camera Backpack

Camera backpacks are extremely useful for the traveling filmmaker or for those that are active. Using a backpack to hold your gear as opposed to a normal camera bag that is basically a glorified satchel is far more comfortable and practical. This backpack can hold your extra lenses, batteries and camera. It will be useful for those that are hiking to a location, traveling and is great for general transportation of equipment.







Tripod/Monopod Combination

Every person that owns a camera is likely to have a tripod. But not every tripod is created equal. Enter the Albott tripod, a lightweight, tall and versatile tripod. With a max height of 70 inches and the ability to transform into a monopod. Having the flexibility to switch from tripod to monopod all in one package is very appealing and useful for many filmmakers.





Now that you have reached the end of the list I hope that you have a better idea of gifts for the filmmaker in your life. The links provided are affiliate links and by purchasing from them I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. They only help me create more ?

Happy Holidays!!