not living MY life
no creativity

HYPED on life
Full of passion and love
Ready to take on the world

What started as a personal mantra, has developed into a way of life for myself and many others. Keep going is a collection of ideas, thoughts and actions that guide our life towards success and greatness. What do we do when the going gets tough? Keep going. What about when we can’t see the end? Keep going. But it’s so hard and I want to just relax. No, KEEP GOING. 


This simple phrase has completely transformed my life and I believe it has the power to transform yours as well. 


Today, keep going is still my driving force and I am using it to create my current business, keepgoing.community. A health and wellness blog catered toward creatives. As creatives we often put our health at state for “the art.” We lose hours of our sleep, let our diets go and sacrifice the time to do what we love to do for someone else’s dream. Keep going community is a resource for building your mental and physical health so you can live the life that you want to, and deserve to. Check us out, leave us a like and share our content if you like our message.


Much love,

Hunter Moranville



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