Jax Ring Pop - Art Department Graphic Designer

As a part of the art department for this music video project, I was tasked with designing and printing a newspaper jobs section.

Our goal for this art prop was to create something that would sell on camera. We wanted the audience to believe that the protagonist was actively searching for a job. We formatted the paper to look like a typical newspaper and placed keywords such as “Jobs, Leaders, Managers” in bold to catch the viewers attention.

Watch the final video here.

ECHO - Promotional Media Poster

After directing and editing this short film, the next step was to get it online. I designed this movie poster in a 4:3 ratio to be shared across social media easily. I also redesigned this movie poster as a 16:9 ratio to work for both YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. 

Since the short film is gritty, dark and full of action, I decided to create a poster that reflected this. I shot the photo with a single light source, making our protagonist look like he is blending into the shadows. In editing, I added some grain and scratch textures to capture that gritty feel.

Watch the final video here.

Keep Going - Social Media Content

Keep Going is a personal passion project of mine in which I share the value that creating and exercise have on your mental health and well being. 

I create various forms of graphics to be shared on social media with an emphasis on Pinterest and Instagram. The goal is always to create something visually appealing while getting across our core message for that post. We try to add small details that force the viewer to spend time looking at our media.